Our ministries serve several purposes

: to be a witness of the Gospel to those in our community, to strengthen the faith of our members, and to provide an avenue for those in our church to work and participate in serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Workers are needed—please talk with Pastor Hemphill if you are interested in participating.


Three-to-Thrive. Preaching services are held at 11:00 AM Sunday mornings and again at 6:00 PM Sunday evenings. At 7:00 PM Wednesday we have an Adult Bible study where Pastor Hemphill goes verse by verse through a book of the Bible or covers a topic in the Bible. Everyone is encouraged to bring his or her Bible and follow along. Each service includes great congregational singing.

Sunday School

Sunday School classes are held each Sunday morning starting at 9:45 AM. There is a class for each age group, including several children's classes—material is presented at an appropriate level of understanding.

  • Senior Saints (Older Adult): Ages 60 and up.
  • Adult Class: College to age 60
  • Nursery: Ages 0–2
  • Beginners: Ages 3–5
  • Primaries: Grades 1–3
  • Juniors: Grades 4–6
  • Teens: Grades 7–12

  • Bus Ministry
    We run buses and vans in the Oswego, Montgomery, Aurora area to pick up boys and girls and men and women that do not have transportation and bring them to our church. If you need a ride please call the office to arrange a pick up. Riding the bus is alot of fun. 630-554-8109.

    A deaf interpreter is available to translate for all service at VBC. Also Reta Dewitz teaches classes at the church on how to sign using ASL.

    We operate a small Christian bookstore at the Church where Bibles and other conservative Christian books are made available for sale to church members for a reasonable price. The store is open Monday–Friday from 9 AM–3 PM and after all church services.

    Our Sunday morning worship service is video taped and re-broadcast on two local cable channels in the Aurora area.

    Audio/ Video
    We make available the audio recordings of all of our Preaching services at VBC—either on CD or downloadable from our website in MP3 format or as a podcast. Our Sunday morning service and most of the special meetings are available on video DVD.

    Our web site, valleybaptist.com, provides up to the minute news about our church, including a calendar of activities, sermon notesheets, audio recordings, and a variety of spiritual resources.